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Comprehensive List of Committees

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The Association has numerous committees staffed by volunteer Judges and Commissioners that work to improve various areas of the Superior Court system in Washington. Membership is open to all Superior Court Judges, and many are open to Superior Court Commissioners.

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Judge Mary Sue Wilson, Chair

Judge Roger Rogoff, Chair,

Judge Laura M. Riquelme, Vice Chair

Judge G. Helen Whitener, Co-Chair,

Judge Nicole A.G. Phelps, Co-Chair

Judge Blaine G. Gibson, Chair

Judge Gretchen Leanderson, Co-Chair

Comm. Michelle L. Ressa, Co-Chair

Judge Kevin D. Hull, Co-Chair

Comm. Indu Thomas, Co-Chair

Judge Michael H. Evans, Chair

Judge Stephen Warning, Co-Chair

Judge Sean O'Donnell, Co-Chair

Judge Ken Schubert, Chair

Judge Alan Hancock, Chair

Judge Gary B. Bashor, Chair

Judge Stephen Brown, Chair

Judge Rachelle Anderson, Chair

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