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The Therapeutic Courts Committee is charged with:

  • Make recommendations on proposed legislative changes to the Legislative Committee and the Board of Trustees;

  • Consider proposals for the authority for adult diversion programs;

  • Liaison with stakeholders involved with therapeutic courts WAPA, defense attorneys, treatment providers, DSHS, etc.

  • Submit written reports for the Association business meetings.

  • Monitor the mental health court rules and provide input to the Board of Trustees on proposed amendments

Committee Members:

Judge Michelle Adams

Judge Grant Blinn

Judge Jeannette Dalton

Judge Marybeth Dingledy

Judge Julia Garratt

Judge Marilyn K. Haan

Judge Alan R. Hancock

Judge Cindy Larsen

Judge Dean Lum

Judge Elizabeth P. Martin

Judge Joely A. O’Rourke

Judge Philip K. Sorenson

Judge Sandra E. Widlan

Judge M. Scott Wolfram

DMCJA Representatives:

Judge Fred L. Gillings 

Judge Laura Van Slyck

WSADCP Representative:

Was Judge Harold D. Clarke, III

AOC Contact:

Crissy Anderson

Admin. Office of the Courts

PO Box 41170

Olympia, WA  98504-1170



Committee Chair – Judge Stephen Brown