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SCJA - Posting Guidelines

Guidelines for SCJA Media Posting


The purpose of the SCJA web and social media sites is to inform the public about who we are and the work that we are doing in our communities. It is also a forum to discuss issues of interest to judicial officers statewide and to engage the community in discussions about issues that impact our justice system.


The SCJA Public Outreach Committee recognizes that there needs to be a process for posting content on these digital media sites that is understandable, accessible, and timely. To this end, the committee recommends the SCJA Board adopt the following protocol for posting content on our website and other social media sites.


  1. Proposed items to be posted, including any photos, videos, or other links, shall be submitted to the SCJA president and the Public Outreach Committee chair, with copy to the president-elect and the AOC Public Outreach Committee staff person.

  2. Written authorization must be received from the president, or the president-elect in the president’s absence, and the Public Outreach Committee Chair. Then the page administrator may post the content on the SCJA social media page or the SCJA website.

  3. The following may be posted without prior authorization: SCJA committee meeting minutes, agendas, and SCJA sponsored event information.

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