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Public Outreach Committee

The Public Outreach Committee is charged with:

  • Recommend content regarding legal issues to be posted with approval of at least one of the following SCJA Board of Trustees members: President, Immediate Past-President, or President-Elect for posting on the SCJA Website.

  • Draft press releases and media responses at the direction of the SCJA Board of Trustees.

  • Help implement public relations outreach strategies at the direction of the SCJA Board of Trustees.

  • Maintain a social media presence with the same conditions of approval as stated in 1.

  • Draft guidelines for SCJA Board of Trustees’ approval of content to be placed on the website and social media.

Committee Members:

Judge Sharonda D. Amamilo

Judge Stan J. Rumbaugh

Judge Diana N. Ruff

Judge Ken Schubert


Judge Elisabeth Tutsch

AOC Contact:

Shelley Ireland

Admin. Office of the Courts

PO Box 41170

Olympia, WA  98504-1170

Phone: 360-704-1924

Committee Chair – Judge Gary B. Bashor

Thanks! Message sent.

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