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SCJA President's Message

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Greetings fellow Judicial Officers,


One of the purposes of the Superior Court Judges’ Association is to promote the interchange of ideas and to encourage cooperation and social contacts among the members of the judiciary.  Over these last two years, we have learned much from each other.  We have shown resiliency and creativity in responding to the demands of the pandemic as we strove to fulfill our obligation to provide access to justice.  I am proud of the work our association members have done to rise to this challenge.   Representing this association over the last five years has been an honor. 


In the year to come, I look forward to leading the SCJA Board as we continue to promote better relations with the public and the other branches of government.  The last few years have brought legislation, court rules, and appellant decisions that have significantly challenged our courts while also providing opportunities for growth.  We want, and need, to be at the table when new court rules and legislation affecting Courts are being considered.  The SCJA Board and its committees are committed to ensuring that our voices are heard.  We are also committed to proposing rule changes and legislation that will improve the administration of justice at the trial court level. 


The impacts of legislation and court rules on individual courts across the state can be quite different, and each of your voices are important.  I am committed to ensuring that all courts have their voices heard, regardless of size or location.  To that end, it is imperative that judges from all areas get involved.  We need these different voices so we can better vet proposed legislation or rule changes – and hopefully create a better work product.


Please contact me if you have any concerns or want to become involved with the SCJA.  I look forward to serving you for the next year.


Judge Jennifer A. Forbes, President

Superior Court Judges' Association

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