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The Pension and Benefits Committee is charged with:

  • Review legislative changes to the judicial and public employees retirement systems;

  • Make recommendations on proposed legislative changes to the Legislative Committee and the Board of Trustees;

  • Consider proposals for the improvement of judicial retirement and benefits;

  • Liaison with entities of the state of Washington and the federal government that develop policy or proposals concerning pensions and benefits;

  • And submit written reports for the Association business meetings.

Committee Members:

Judge Harold D. Clarke, III

Judge Leonard Costello, Ret.

Judge Deborah D. Fleck, Ret.

Judge Gordon Godfrey, Ret.

Judge Michael Heavey, Ret.

Judge Richard F. McDermott

Judge Sean Patrick O’Donnell

Judge Michael J. Trickey

Judge Kitty-Ann van Doorninck

Judge Stephen Warning

Legislative Representative:

Tom Parker

Committee Chair – Judge Blaine G. Gibson