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Pension and Benefits Committee

The Pension and Benefits Committee is charged with:

  • Review legislative changes to the judicial and public employees retirement systems;

  • Make recommendations on proposed legislative changes to the Legislative Committee and the Board of Trustees;

  • Consider proposals for the improvement of judicial retirement and benefits;

  • Liaison with entities of the state of Washington and the federal government that develop policy or proposals concerning pensions and benefits;

  • And submit written reports for the Association business meetings.

Committee Members:

Judge Leonard Costello, Ret.

Judge Michael Heavey, Ret.



Judge Millie M. Judge

Judge Matthew H. Thomas


AOC Contact:

Shelley Ireland

Admin. Office of the Courts

PO Box 41170

Olympia, WA  98504-1170

Phone: 360-704-1924

Legislative Representatives:

Tom McBride & Intisar Surer

Committee Chair – Judge Blaine G. Gibson

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