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Judicial Ethics Committee

The Judicial Ethics Committee is charged with:

  • Maintain liaison with the Commission on Judicial Conduct.

  • Maintain liaison with Washington State Ethics Advisory Committee.

  • Review and recommend changes in Code of Judicial Conduct.

  • Educate members of the judiciary on the Code of Judicial Conduct.

  • Coordinate with Judicial Assistance program.

    • Prepare a program statement.

    • Assemble files of referral resources.

  • Submit written report, as appropriate, for Spring and Fall Conferences.

Committee Members:

Judge David S. Keenan

Comm. Nathan Kortokrax

Judge Chris Lanese

Judge Nelson K. H. Lee


Judge Elizabeth J. Berns

Judge Michael H. Evans

Judge Robert E. Jourdan

Judge Millie M. Judge



Judge Richard T. Okrent

Judge Aimee M. Sutton

Judge Indu Thomas

Judge Mary Sue Wilson

AOC Contact:

Tom Creekpaum

Admin. Office of the Courts

PO Box 41170

Olympia, WA  98504-1170


Thanks! Message sent.

Committee Chair – Judge Marshall L. Ferguson

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