Guardianship and Probate Committee

The Guardianship & Probate Committee is charged with:

  • Maintain liaison with the Guardian Certification Board.

  • Review and recommend legislative changes to the Guardianship and Probate Codes.

  • Monitor and report on proposed changes to the Guardianship and Probate Codes.

  • Submit written report for the Spring and Fall Conferences.

Committee Members:

Judge Grant E. Blinn

Comm. Clinton Johnson

Comm. Henry Judson

Comm. Diana L. Kiesel

Judge James W. Lawler

Comm. Robyn A. Lindsay

Judge Kevin S. Naught

Judge Kathryn Nelson


Judge Jacqueline Shea-Brown

Comm. Kevin Stewart

AOC Contact:

Stacey Johnson

Admin. Office of the Courts

PO Box 41170

Olympia, WA  98504-1170


Committee Chair – Judge Rachelle Anderson

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