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Equality and Fairness Committee

The Equality and Fairness Committee is charged with:

  • Maintain liaison with state Commissions concerned with issues of justice, gender, and diversity.

  • Participate in the design of Association educational programs concerned with issues of diversity and gender.

Committee Members:

Judge Charnelle M. Bjelkengren

Judge Jacquelyn M. High-Edward

Judge Robert E. Jourdan

Commissioner Jonathon Lack Judge Jennifer R. Langbehn


Judge Nelson K. H. Lee

Judge Adrienne Thomas McCoy

Judge Elizabeth Yost Neidzwski

Judge Ken Schubert

Comm. Heather D. Shand


Judge Emily A. Sheldrick

Judge Matthew H. Thomas

Judge Allyson Zipp

AOC Contact:

Cynthia Delostrinos

Admin. Office of the Courts

PO Box 41170

Olympia, WA  98504-1170


Thanks! Message sent.

Committee Co-Chairs – Judge Clarence Henderson & Judge Kathryn C. Loring

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