Equality and Fairness Committee


The Equality and Fairness Committee is charged with:

  • Maintain liaison with state Commissions concerned with issues of justice, gender, and diversity.

  • Participate in the design of Association educational programs concerned with issues of diversity and gender.

Committee Members:

Judge Sabrina Ahrens

Judge Elizabeth J. Berns

Judge Charnelle M. Bjelkengren

Judge Karen M. Donohue

Judge Jacquelyn M. High-Edward

Judge Robert E. Jourdan


Commissioner Jonathon Lack

Judge Catherine Moore

Judge Elizabeth Yost Neidzwski

Judge Ken Schubert

Comm. Heather D. Shand

Judge Jacqueline Shea-Brown


Judge Emily A. Sheldrick

Comm. Sonia Rodriguez True

Judge David J. Whedbee

AOC Contact:

Cynthia Delostrinos

Admin. Office of the Courts

PO Box 41170

Olympia, WA  98504-1170



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Committee Co-Chairs – Judge Clarence Henderson & Judge Kathryn C. Loring