Criminal Law and Rules Committee

Criminal Law and Rules Committee is charged with:

  • Review state laws and recommend legislative changes to the
    Criminal Code and Criminal Procedures Code.

  • Monitor and report on proposed changes in legislation affecting criminal law and procedures.

  • Review and recommend amendments and changes to
    Criminal Rules.

  • Monitor and report on proposed amendments and changes to Criminal Rules.

  • Consider increased use of constitutional SCJA superior court rule making power.

  • Coordinate with the Family & Juvenile Law Committee with regard
    to common problems between juvenile offense and adult
    criminal procedures.

  • Maintain liaison with the Judges’ Benchbook Committee.

  • Maintain liaison with the Sentencing Guidelines Commission.

  • Maintain liaison with the WSBA Court Rules and Procedures Committee on laws and procedural matters.

  • Meet and respond, where appropriate, to requests from
    legislators, members of the executive branch, and other
    government departments.

  • Submit written report to the Spring and Fall Conferences.

Committee Members:

Judge Sabrina Ahrens

Judge W. Brent Basden

Judge Patricia M. Fassett

Judge Marilyn K. Haan

Judge David S. Keenan

Judge Jennifer R. Langbehn

Judge Maryann C. Moreno

Judge Mafé Rajul

Judge Kristin V. Richardson

Judge Roger Rogoff

Judge David A. Steiner

Judge Aimee M. Sutton

Judge Samuel P. Swanberg

Judge Sandra E. Widlan

AOC Contact:

Tom Creekpaum

PO Box 41170 | Olympia, WA  98504-1170

Phone: 360-357-2157

Committee Chair – Judge Laura M. Riquelme

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