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Work-Life Balance Committee

The Work-Life Balance Committee is charged with:

  • Plan, promote and present educational programs on the subject of judicial work-life balance and/or well-being.

  • Consider resource proposals for the improvement of judicial work-life balance.

  • Consider staff and resources needed outside the judiciary to respond to public misinformation.

  • Liaison with Bench-Bar-Press Fire Brigade Unity on emergent communication needs.

  • Liaison with SCJA Judicial Education Committee on educational programs.

  • Liaison with the Judicial Assistance Services Program.

  • Submit written report for the spring and fall conferences.

Committee Members:

Committee Co-Chairs – Judge Kathryn Loring, & Judge Richard Okrent 

Judge Alicia M. Burton

Judge Tsering Cornell

Judge Samuel S. Chung

Judge Judith H. Ramseyer

Comm. Michelle L. Ressa

Judge Shelley D. Szambelan




Judge Rebekah Zinn

AOC Contact:

Allison Lee Muller

Admin. Office of the Courts

PO Box 41170

Olympia, WA  98504-1170

Thanks! Message sent.

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