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The Judicial Education Committee is charged with:

  • Provide an educational curriculum for superior court judges and commissioners.

  • Plan, promote and present the Spring Conference and other education programs for superior court judges and commissioners.

  • Recruit, educate and train Association members to serve as faculty for judicial education programs.

  • Maintain liaison with the BJA Court Education Committee.

  • Maintain liaison with other Association committees related to judicial education.

  • Administer the Mentor Judge Program.

  • Administer the SCJA Education Assistance (Scholarship) Program.

  • Submit written reports for Association business meetings.

Committee Co-Chairs:
Judge Kevin D. Hull
Comm. Indu Thomas

Committee Members:

Comm. Craig S. Adams
Judge Veronica Alicea-Galván 
Judge George F.B. Appel
Judge Grant Blinn
Comm Jacalyn Brudvik
Judge Joseph Burrowes
Comm. Tami Chavez
Judge Jerry T. Costello
Judge Marybeth Dingledy
Judge Chris Lanese

Judge Dean Lum
Judge Suzanne Parisien
Judge Henry A. Rawson
Judge Matthew Williams

AOC Contact:
Phil Zitzelman
Admin. Office of the Courts
PO Box 41170
Olympia, WA  98504-1170

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