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SCJA - About Us

A Brief History of SCJA

The Association of Superior Court Judges was founded in 1933 by state law, RCW 2.16. All currently serving Superior Court Judges are members of the Association, which also includes Court Commissioners and may include retired Judges. 

In 2016, legislation was passed that changed the Association’s name to Superior Court Judges’ Association (SCJA), a name that has been historically used for decades.


Judge Samuel S. Chung

King County

President Elect

Judge Kristin Ferrera

Chelan County

Immediate Past President

Judge Jennifer A. Forbes

Kitsap County


Judge Shelley D. Szambelan

Spokane County


Judge Ken Schubert

King County

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SamuelChung Cropped.jpg

Judge Samuel S. Chung

Welcome to our new SCJA President,

Judge Samuel S. Chung

SCJA President

District One

Judge Adrienne Thomas McCoy and

Judge Josephine Wiggs

District Two

Judge Susan Adams

District Three

Judge Laura M. Riquelme

District Four

Judge Chris Lanese

District Five

Judge Norma Rodriguez

District Six

Judge Raymond F. Clary

SCJA Officers

The officers manage the day to day operations of the association in conjunction with the Board Trustees. They also oversee the various committees of the Association.

 SCJA Trustees

Our Purpose

  • To improve the administration of justice.

  • To conduct instructive programs whereby higher standards of efficiency and excellence may be obtained and to better equip the superior court judges of Washington in the proper performance of their duties.

  • To support and implement the canons of judicial ethics.

  • To promote the interchange of ideas and to encourage cooperation and social contacts among the members of the judiciary.

  • To promote the objectives of statutes relating to the Association.

  • To promote better relations with the public and other branches of government.

Our goal is to provide equal justice for all while accomplishing the purposes enumerated above.

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